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Making tax interesting – Africa conference


By dxw

At a time when public spending and post-crisis economic plans focus attention, the conference conducted with the North-South Institute (Canada) presented original research of Sub-Saharan African economies.

Enhancing Domestic Resource Mobilisation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Tuesday 27 – Friday 30 April 2010 (WPS10-01)

in co-operation with The North-South Institute and with support from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office


The research project presented detailed case studies on Burundi, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. In addition, presentations addressed a wide range of relevant issues including overviews on domestic resource mobilisation in the wider continent; the role of the donor community; effective natural resource taxation; statebuilding and tax policy in theory and practice and financial sector development.


WPS10/01 Osoro and Sennoga
Nehemiah Osoro, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Dar es Salaam with Edward Sennoga, Economist, African Development Bank, Kampala


This is a specialist field and is likely to play an increasing role in development planning as low income countries both recognize the continuing need for aid and also the advantages of increasing resources generated within the country. Domestic resources have advantages including predictability, increasing independence of aid, greater policy space for determining priorities and increasing opportunities for economic development.

Providing technical assistance on tax systems, revenue collection and the role of revenue agencies has a tangible multiplier effect. This has been calculated by some specialists as in the order of 10:1 for the initial investment, with a continuing revenue stream.

Speakers and other participants included representation from ten Africa countries, the African Development Bank, the IMF, OECD, Council of the European Union, and UNCTAD, as well as specialists – academic, NGO and government – from the North.

WPS10/-01 Culpeper and Waris
Roy Culpeper, President and Chief Executive Officer, The North-South Institute, Ottawa with Attiya Waris, Assistant Lecturer, University of Nairobi Law School


WPS10/01 Ingram and Ev-Phil
Joseph Ingram, President and CEO Designate, North-South Institute with Max Everest-Phillips, Senior Governance Adviser, Research and Evidence, Department for International Development, London


WPS10/01 Mansour and Hill
Mario Mansour, Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund, Washington DC with Frances Hill, Executive Director, Development Studies Association


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Enhancing Domestic Resource Mobilisation in Sub-Saharan Africa


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