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The challenge of justice and accountability


By dxw

Often considered one of the most vexing issues in peace negotiations. Known or suspected perpetrators of serious abuse may play a central role in the talks, and ending fighting may depend on their agreement.

Negotiating Justice: The Challenge of Justice and Accountability in Peace Negotiations (WPS10/04)

Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th September

Many argue that a peace built on broad impunity may result in a weak peace and even further conflict; others contend that immunity arrangements may sometimes be necessary.

This conference examined this classic dilemma, using case studies on Sierra Leone, Liberia, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan.

The conference distilled lessons emerging from past negotiations in the arena of accountability, with a view to influence positively future peace processes that must grapple with similar issues.


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Negotiating justice: the challenge of justice and accountability in peace negotiations