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Foundations and international development: partnership and outcomes


By dxw

Foundations, global development and the ‘Big Society’

Foundations and international development: partnership and outcomes

Monday 4 – Thursday 6 October 2010 (WP1070)

This was the third in our successful series of conferences with Foundation on the issue of international development.

Prime Minister David Cameron has made ‘The Big Society’ a talking point for unleashing the potential of citizens and people’s initiatives. How far do these ideas apply to international development?

In September a major review conference on progress towards the Millennium Development Goals takes place at the United Nations. How is the world community (the Global Big Society) doing on fulfilling its promises?

What can Foundations do with their catalytic ideas and their limited funds?

Come and join the analysis, discuss and plan together.

Foundations and International Development: Partnership and Outcomes conference details

David Cameron launches Tories’ ‘big society’ plan

On the Millennium Development Goals to access ministerial speeches on the UK government’s new thinking on development see:

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