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‘Wilton Park Dialogues’ new podcast series launches this October


By dxw

Chief Executive, Richard Burge and his team are all set to launch an exciting series of conference related Podcasts. ‘Wilton Park Dialogues’ will aim to reflect the diverse strategic and generic programmes in the UK and beyond.

Cyber-security: managing the risks

Monday 18 – Wednesday 20 October 2010 (WP1056)

All of the participants engaging in our podcast dialogue are passionate about exchanging ‘best practice’ and are striving to innovate creative approaches around their future work.

These informally distilled conversations will share a snapshot with listeners about the complexities we cover at Wilton Park.

Podcast RDAB

Richard adds “We aim to open up the issues in an entertaining, engaging and informative way for curious minds across the world.”


We work with the Cyber Security community, who gather here to speak freely across the technical, security and policy spectrum. Practitioners include senior officials, policymakers, analysts, industry specialists, strategists, security experts and academics. They all share a common agenda to advance the role of technical expertise in policy formulation.

We hope to post our first podcast this Wednesday so watch this space!

We welcome your comments and feedback through the usual channels, including topical threads across our social media platforms FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Google+ or email us directly to Christina Cornwell-West


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Conference on Cyber-security: managing the risks