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Launch of ‘China Dialogues’ examine China’s debate on how to achieve ‘harmonious society’


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Post credit-crunch themes include ‘how to build social cohesion while respecting the rights of the individual’ and ‘achieving balance between central, national and regional administration’ plus ‘approaches to achieve sustainable development’.

Dialogue with China: towards ‘harmonious society’ governance, participation and social cohesion

Thursday 4 – Sunday 7 November 2010 (WP1055)

The conference takes place in the run-up to the imminent China visit by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. This event is also the launch for a series of multi-faceted Wilton Park ‘China Dialogues’, taking place in China and the UK.

The programmes are led by Wilton Park Chief Executive, Richard Burge, and will examine the ways of working with China as a key player in global political, economic and commercial spheres. Adela Gooch will lead the discussions as Conference Chairperson. Other partner participation and support comes from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Chatham House, Rio Tinto, ResPublica and the Ford Foundation.

Speaker presentations include:

  • ‘China’s civil society and the UK’s big society – a golden age for development?’ Featuring Philip Blond – Director, ResPublica, London
  • Willy Lam – Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lord Wei is also presenting a talk, as Adviser to the government on the Big Society, in The House of Lords, London.

Working groups will network and share best practice to collaborate over various policy and discussion areas.

A broad spread of nationalities and institutions are represented. Please contact the Programme Manager Susan Bruce for details on participation.


1097 china dinner 001 (reduced size)

Our 1000th conference
As China moves from an export-fuelled economy to one that relies on domestic consumption, Our 1000th conference looked at how China’s industrial development can become more sustainable.


Further Information

Conference on Dialogue with China: towards ‘harmonious society’ governance, participation and social cohesion

Trusted Sources

China Dialogue

FT China Confidential


Recommended books

  • Struggling Giant – Kerry Brown (of Chatham House, partner for the conference) and Jonathan Fenby
  • The Penguin History of Modern China: The Fall and Rise of a Great Power, 1850-2009 by Jonathan Fenby
  • Losing Control: Why the West’s Economic Prosperity Can No Longer be Taken for Granted – Stephen King
  • City of Heavenly Tranquility: Beijing in the History of China – Jasper Becker
  • China Shakes the World – James Kynge
  • When a Billion Chinese Jump: How China Will Save Mankind – Or Destroy It – Jonathan Watts
  • The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers – Richard MacGregor