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UK Minister, Henry Bellingham, to Open Future of UN Development Conference


By dxw

The United Nations Charter came into force on October 24, 1945 and this date is celebrated around the world as UN Day to recognise its achievements and goals. Wilton Park continues to contribute to international thinking about their role.

Future of the UN Development System

Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 November 2010 (WP1033)

Henry Bellingham, Ingrid Fiskaa, and Lord Malloch Brown open the conference with an address about ‘Delivering as one – how to build an effective UN Development System for the future’.

Other discussions will focus on whether the 30 agencies and organisations of the UN development system give value for money in a new development cooperation environment.

An open conversation will also be recorded on site with them.

Wilton Park CEO, Richard Burge describes the overarching aim of each episode; ‘To expand on the core issues in each debate. We aim to share an overview that informs intelligently curious listeners, and friends of Wilton Park from all around the world’.


Podcast RDAB
Richard Burge, Chief Executive, Wilton Park

Questions to be addressed include:

  • How should the UN system adapt to new realities?
  • How and why is the UN system falling short and why has reform been slow?
  • What new agenda for the system? What criteria can judge performance?

Representatives involved in the One UN pilots including Vietnam, Uruguay, Cape Verde, Tanzania and Nicaragua, who will also contribute to the discussions.

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Harsha Vardhana Singh, Deputy Director General, World Trade Organisation 
  • Saraswathi Menon, Director of Evaluation at UNDP and Chair of the UN Evaluation Group 

Focusing on evaluation are:

  • Talaat Abdel Malek, Co-Chair, of the OECD/DAC Working Party on Aid Effectiveness 
  • Robert Picciotto, Former Director-General for Evaluation at the World Bank will explore “how and when would we know if the UN development system is on track to be ‘fit for purpose’?” 


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Conference on Future of the UN Development System