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If we are so discreet, what on earth can we blog about?


By dxw

Richard Burge, Chief Executive, writes:

Welcome to the Wilton Park blog

Three times a week, we will send a short, pithy article reflecting on the global issues with which we wrestle. It is a linear blog, a single strand with many writers some of them will be my colleagues who specialise in particular areas of international concern.  Others will be written by our guests and participants, more often than not, it will be me.

The subjects will turn on a sixpence from one posting to the next; they may follow a particular theme; or they may return to an issue weeks later. In this way we reflect the reality of our unpackaged, unpredictable, and chaotic world.

We are a discreet place (which is very different from being secret a difference I may return to in a week or so). The discussions that occur within our walls are designed to be shared between participants. The dialogues help them influence each others behaviour and thoughts as policy makers.

We ask many to take risks in speculating on change in policy and approaches with colleagues. This is very precious. We are the place of safety for the fragile hopes of an uncertain world. Our discretion is the foundation of our role.

There will be one golden rule; blog posts will not breach this trust and confidentiality. However, the musings of some writers are likely to be informed by the dialogues in which they have taken part.

And what does the world look like from the vantage point of the beginning of the year?  Full, if the discussions I have already had this morning are any indication. 

They have ranged over the economy of China, the fulcrum that is Turkey, the demand for change in the UN development system, the impact of faith on international policy making, and preparation for mass migration driven by the effects of climate change.  And we havent even started to think about the unpredicted events.