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A significant year for the nuclear non-proliferation regime?


By dxw

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Nuclear non-proliferation and the 2010 review

Monday 14 – Friday 18 December 2010 (WP1008)

Defence and Security Programme Director, Dr Mark Smith delivered a vibrant ‘think piece’ for the Wilton Park blog.

In it, he outlines the events of 2010 (the NPT Review, the Nuclear Security Summit, the US ratification of the New START agreement) and suggests that ‘a significant year for the nuclear non-proliferation regime’ could follow.

Industry insiders had outlined an atmosphere that can best be described as ‘carefully positive’. Mark sees potentially significant steps forward with the NPT Review’s mandate for an international governmental conference on ‘how to implement the 1995 UN Resolution on WMD in the Middle East’.

Wilton Park Chief Executive, Richard Burge has also conversed on this topic with Maged Abdelaziz (Egyptian Permanent Representative to the UN), Olli Heinonen (late of the IAEA) and Sir Richard Dalton (former British Ambassador to the UN) in an exclusive Wilton Park podcast.


Further information

report on the meeting, prepared by the internationally renowned John Simpson, will be available shortly.