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The crisis of growth – opportunities for sustainable development?


By dxw

Our seventh British-German environment forum will examine how Britain and Germany are best set to respond to the recession without compromising their longer-term sustainability goals.


7th British-German environment forum: the crisis of growth: threat or opportunity for sustainable development?

Thursday 24 – Saturday 26 February 2011 (WP1069)

The British-German Environment Forum launched in 1998. Since then it has catalysed new thinking and action toward sustainability. The BGEF makes a unique contribution to reconciling global economic development, and protecting and enhancing the environment.

Is it possible to decouple growth and prosperity?

Policy makers and practitioners from business, public agencies, and the voluntary sector along with confirmed speakers including German Environment Minister Ursula Heinern-Esser, are meeting this week to discuss this very topical issue.


Video: 99 seconds for the future of biodiversity with Ursula Heinen-Esser (in German)
The Forum will explore current policy and thinking on Sustainable Development in Britain and Germany and the Global economy.  It will also discuss how best to facilitate a transition to a low carbon economy, and how to aid greener growth in developing countries. Including other confirmed speakers such as Tom Burke, Environment Strategy Advisor for Rio Tinto, and a panel discussion between Dr Irmi Seidl from ETH Zürich, co-author of ‘Post-Growth Society’, Dr Hermann Ott, MdB Die Grünen/Bündnis 90 Member of the Bundestag in Berlin, and Kate Raworth a senior researcher at Oxfam.

The British-German Environment Forum was launched in 1998 to encourage re-orientation of both countries’ economies onto a more sustainable development path and has since acted as a catalyst for new thinking and action. The Forum makes a unique contribution towards reconciling global economic development with the protection and enhancement of our environment.


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