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I can see clearly now


By dxw


Richard Burge, Chief Executive, writes:

Do you remember the song?  Johnny Nash in 1972 (before 68% of the population of the Middle East were born).

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright, bright,
Sun-Shiny day

Its a great song.  It came into my head while watching those joyous scenes in Tahrir Square and a few days later, sounded very distant and lost as we watched unfolding events in Libya.  We saw it mirrored in the faces of people leaving the polling booths in South Sudan, and echoing forlornly the scene of the assassination of a brave Pakistani politician standing up for the liberty of his people.

The danger is that cynicism (an attitude to be wholly despised and not be confused with the scepticism) starts to dominate as the optimism of success falters in the face of oppression.

But this is not a song of naivety and over-optimism.  It is the song of the courageous realist, it is the anthem of determination.

And I think I hear it as I look around the Wilton Park table at those fighting HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, leading peacekeepers in Somalia, running a civil society organisation in Afghanistan or a womens group in the frontier provinces of Pakistan, diplomats wrestling with the complexities of international agreements on weapons of mass destruction, or engineers finding ways of giving millions of Africans access to sustainable electricity.

Oh brave new world, that has such people in it.


Richard Burge


Ingo-Steven Wais says

Dear Richard and the Wilton Park Team, pls.let me start my comment by answering yr. 1st."Q":Yes, I still can remember this song-but only in a shadowy way.I just was too young.So let me throwing the ball back to you again by "answering" with some lines of a well-known Kate Bush song, "Cloudbusting", 1985:"You 're like my jo-jo/that comes up and down/like a rainbow all over the town/It 's something special in a precious way/that makes the clouds vanish and go away/It 's like the sun is coming out/It 's like your son is coming out."I do think that both artists wanted to express the same thing:"Never surrender".You 've also mentioned some countries and you could also say:These songs are not only songs but also messages for all those people who are still suffering.E.g. South Sudan, the 193. state which is now
a member of the UN and founded in July 2011 in Juba,the capital.I do know exactly that you 've wrote your report in March last year.So does it make any kind of sense to write a comment in June 2012?Any kind of sense at all?I believe that it does.For some sad facts have not changed at all and leading into the false
direction.Chaos and civil-war.E.g. Sudan.There are 2 districts,"Blue Nile State" and "Southern Kordofa".Last year the inhabitants of both areas had "only"serious differences.Today , they are fighting against each other.In other words: From conflict to "Civil-War".The situation in Juba, South Sudan isn 't much better,according to Mr.Alastair Mc Phail,British Ambassador of this state.You are also writing of peacekeepers in Somalia.They are really brave for it 's well known that Mr. Jamal Osman,"One World" -Journalist of the year and awarded on May 9th., 2012 in London,is at the moment under house - arrest(Channel 4 News). Well , I have not the pleasure to sit at Wilton Park 's table.But your lines about these meetings are to me an encouragment for they telling me: You 're not alone.That 's why the above mentioned songs are helping me to stay realistic BUT with an optimistic basic.Even if I don 't like Johnny Cash at all....too much typically US-Cowboy "Macho"manners.BW, Ingo-Steven Wais, Stuttgart

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Ingo-Steven Wais says

Dear Richard, sorry I 've forgotten one thing:I must admit that I 'm gay.This is in Germany all but not very funny.But what I really want to add is, that gays are normally listen to female singers.Exeptions are are a proof of the rules.BW,Ingo-Steven

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