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Nominations now open for British German forum ‘leaders of the future’ (aged 25-35 years)


By dxw

This annual conference looks at how Britain and Germany deliver on their promises in an uncertain world, exploring the current and future drivers of global and regional change.


British Germanforum 2011: delivering a secure and prosperous future in a fast changing world

Monday 11 – Friday 15 July 2011 (WP1095)

The 2011 British German Forum will focus on how Britain and Germany can deliver a more secure future in a fast changing world. The Forum looks at how the global order has changed in the last decade, and the effects this will have on the future.

This year’s Forum will bring together some of Britain and Germany’s young and bright ‘high fliers’, aged between 25 and 35, to discuss the topical issues.

Using the financial crisis as a starting point, the Forum will consider how the growth of emerging economies has continued whilst there have been far less positive steps made in Europe.

Future expectations and aspirations will be explored and will be set against a backdrop of both global and regional challenges facing Britain and Germany, and the wider world.

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The impact of future vulnerabilities such as climate change, resource scarcity, energy shortages, and food & water insecurity, on prosperity and security will be unpicked, and the challenges of non-state actors and terrorism explored.

In conjunction with an exciting day visit at the House of Commons, German Embassy, and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices in London, other issues closer to home will be examined in plenary and small group discussions (including education, migration, business competition, and an ageing society).

The Forum takes place at Wiston House in West Sussex. Nominations to participate (limited to 25-35 years of age only) will begin this week and entries stay open until May 11 2011.

Contact Michèle Hankin today for a nomination form