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Russia Dialogues contribute to rebuilding relationship


By dxw

The UK Prime Minister’s visit to Russia intends to forge a new, stronger relationship with Moscow, an exercise which we have been participating in for several years.

Russia Dialogues series

Our Russia Dialogues draw upon a strong track record of work dating back 25 years, to reflect interests and priorities identified by the UK and Russian governments. Our broad aim is to run a series of seminars/meetings in the UK and Russia, either on specific issues of shared importance or where we can add value together on global issues.

The most recent Dialogue, held here in March, explored parallels between the UK debate around the concept of the big society and Russia’s modernisation agenda.

The meeting, run under the heading A new prosperity: aspiration, innovation, participation, sought to establish a genuine dialogue with Russia, involving those Russians at the forefront of creating prosperity and modernising their economy and society, drawing on UK experience to build new partnerships for prosperity in the areas of the rule of law, innovation, education, new media and energy.

Cameron and Medvedev
Prime Minister, David Cameron meets President Medvedev. (Prime Minister’s photostream, PA Copyright)

With input from David Willetts, UK Minister of State for Universities and Science, and Vladimir Mau, a key contributer to the Russian modernisation programme, the meeting assessed progress on President Medvedev’s aim to move Russia from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy while discussing the changing role of the modern state and the impact of the global financial crisis. The emphasis was on practical steps needed to transform economies and create prosperity, both in Russia and in the UK.

Even at times of great strain in relations during recent years and in the Cold War, we have remained true to our remit of belief in the power of dialogue by welcoming Russians to discuss points of difference and agreement with key interlocutors from the UK and beyond.

As we develop the Russia dialogues, we welcome ideas and suggestions from its wider network on how best to build fruitful partnerships for future engagement.

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