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Gauging attitudes towards Europe at the 27th British German Forum


By dxw

Last month Wilton Park hosted its annual British German Forum. Entitled ‘Europe’s place in a challenging world’, 50 young participants from Britain and Germany discussed the two countries common and differing challenges.

British German Forum: Europe’s place in a challenging world

Sunday 15 – Thursday 19 July 2012 (WP1155)

The Forum revealed differences in both the perception and future of Europe and the EU between the British and German participants. A full report will be available shortly but here are some interesting snippets arising from the event.

  • Participants described Europe today as messy, divergent, idealistic and introspective.
  • The Europe the participants would like to see was described as happy, unified, de-centralised and optimistic.
  • On the Eurozone out of 33 asked if the Eurozone will survive in its present form in five years’ time 13 said yes while 20 said no.
  • Of that number nine Germans and four Brits said yes while six Germans and 14 Brits said no.
  • Asked if the EU will survive in its present form (+ enlargement) in 10 years’ time 26 said yes and seven said no.
  • Of the 33, 14 Germans and 12 Brits said yes with one German and six Brits saying no.

On the concept of Europe nine Brits and two Germans thought it was a pragmatic political and economic relationship while 19 Germans and eight Brits thought it was a ‘feeling from the heart’.

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