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Finance for faith, health and development


By dxw

Our conference; co-hosted with Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty (CIFA), originally planned for December 6-8th this year, has now been postponed.

Finance for faith, health and development: 2010 – how can we create effective partnerships between the religious and public sectors? (S10/03)

The recent United Nations annual general meeting on the Millennium Development Goals pointed to a significant lack of progress around the Health MDG. The issue of financing for faith, health and development will remain an issue of critical importance to the international development community.

Wilton Park and CIFA will examine the possibility of re-scheduling this event sometime during 2011 as part of Wilton Park’s broader faith, development and public diplomacy work.

If you would like to be kept informed about this area of work please contact Sue Wornell