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Soft power focus takes us to Brazil


By dxw

Brazilian Minister for Culture, Marta Suplicy, was the keynote speaker opening the round table in Sao Paulo. Her broad ranging speech covered the diversity of Brazilian culture,  her desire to increase the access to culture for ‘the people’, and the need to broaden awareness of Brazil beyond football and carnival. She acknowledged that Brazil has much to learn still on soft power from the example of the UK. She took advantage of the event to announce to the media new policies for cultural access and a new concept of ‘Brazil without frontiers’

Applying soft power: the Brazilian and British perspectives

Tuesday 12 – Wednesday 13 March 2013 (WP1232)

In association with the British Embassy, Brazil, this meeting convened senior leaders, academics, business, and media as well as a diverse range of communications specialists for an expert exchange on soft power application. Chaired by Programme Director, Julia Purcell, the meeting comes within the scope of our wider programme on Human rights, good governance and faith.


Marta Suplicy, Minister of Culture, Brazil, delivered the key note speech setting the scene for a broader conversation on the practical application of soft power. Later sessions addressed ways in which to maximise and evaluate the impact of soft power assets via building and maintaining credible partnerships.

Participants drawn mainly from the UK and Brazil confered on new media and digital diplomacy. Discussions also considered examples of soft power application such as cultural exchanges, shared branding, and language programmes, including the role of non-state actors.

Overall, participants shared ambitions, challenges and opportunities and looked for ways in which to enhance future cooperation.

This meeting is the 6th in our Public diplomacy series and follows from our October 2011 event Putting the Power in Soft Power. In June 2010, we led a first look at Moving Policy to Practice, opened by Jeremy Browne MP, UK Minister of State for Public Diplomacy.


Judith McHale
Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Judith McHale speaking at our conference on ‘Public diplomacy: moving from policy to practice?’ in June 2010


For over 60 years, Wilton Park has been a forum for global dialogue, bringing together representatives from the world of politics, diplomacy, the military, academia, business, civil society and the media. In fostering continuous discussion on international events and issues, Wilton Park is itself a soft power asset for the UK. We believe that creating a neutral environment where differing views can be expressed and debated openly, encourages understanding and greater cooperation.


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Conference on Applying soft power: the Brazilian and British perspectives