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Wilton Park Disarmament Dialogues


By dxw

Next week, we will be launching the Wilton Park Disarmament Dialogues, a new initiative in which we will use our network and convening power to assess the impact of decisive moments in the history of disarmament, and how their consequences (good and bad) are managed today.

The inaugural Disarmament Dialogue takes place on 17th December, during our annual nuclear non-proliferation meeting. The occasion to be marked is the 20th anniversary of the 1995 decision to indefinitely extend the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), where that Treaty became a permanently operating part of the global non-proliferation architecture. Joining us will be Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala, who was President of the 1995 NPT Review Conference that made the decision; Harald Mueller, a world-renowned analyst closely involved with Track II diplomacy running up to 1995; and Erin Harbaugh of the US State Department, who worked closely with President Obama’s Special Representative Ambassador Susan Burk running up to the 2010 NPT Review. They will be discussing the implications of the bargains struck in 1995 and how they impact (positively and negatively) on the NPT today. Richard Burge, Chief Executive of Wilton Park, will be facilitator of the Dialogue, and as always at this meeting we will have experts and officials from key NPT memberstates participating in the debate.

The Dialogue will be on-record and we will be filming the session which will later be broadcast on our YouTube channel and website. We will be live tweeting during the session, and are inviting people to send in their questions and comments which will be put to the panel. In this way, participation in the Dialogue will extend well beyond the people at Wilton Park, to include the wider non-proliferation and disarmament community. Our aim is to promote and publicise informed debate about the NPT and its goals.

Twitter Q&A

If you would like to send in a question or comment, please mention @MarkSmithWP including the hashtag #DisarmDial and send your question in by 1630 on Wednesday 17 December. It will then be put to the panel and responded to during the course of the discussion.

Further information

Conference: Nuclear non-proliferation: preparing for the 2015 NPT Review Conference