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Caribbean 2030 – a new generation creating a new vision


By dxw

The new and upcoming leaders in the Caribbean set out their positive and aspirational vision for the region in 2030 at our recent meeting.

Caribbean 2030 – new vision for a new generation

Monday 1 June – Wednesday 3 June 2015 (WP1404)

A peaceful and prosperous region: globally competitive and resilient that is delivering for its people a high quality of life in the most important areas of human wellbeing including health, education, employment and security. The ideal of solidarity remains important for the Caribbean. There was a particular focus on the need for the region to support entrepreneurship and improve connectivity within and beyond the region.

The meeting brought together over seventy participants including representatives from thirteen Caribbean countries and three British Overseas Territories. The group identified a number of new and innovative ideas which included:

  • developing an Institute of the Caribbean. This could provide a new direction for the region, continuing the discussion already started here and involving leaders throughout the Caribbean, including Cuba. Such an Institute could also conduct a visitor’s programme to support leadership training for this new generation, not just of governments but across the sectors. A paper will now be prepared by two of the participants putting forward the proposal for an Institution
  • undertaking a mapping exercise, mapping what is already happening in the region, which could include a resource map of the region, a needs map and opportunities for the region
  • encouraging entrepreneurs and the private sector to operate across the region and into new markets, including across the Americas. To do this more would need to be done to reduce red tape and improve the business environment of the Caribbean region as a market, incentivise and provide support to export businesses to retool their industries in order to improve their competitiveness; eliminate or lower anti-competitive taxes
  • establishing a functioning Integrity and Electoral Commission with oversight and enforceable sanctions to improve governance, ensure greater transparency and involvement of civil society
  • working towards energy sufficient region optimising use of renewable energy sources and minimising use of fossil fuels in order to efficiently supply stable, affordable and increasingly clean energy to consumers (ie households and businesses)
  • increasing cultural exchange and learning of foreign languages in schools from the primary level to empower citizens to take advantage of opportunities in other jurisdictions
  • branding the region to highlight its uniqueness and selling points, and developing tourism experiences to maximise opportunities.

A full report will be produced shortly.

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