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What next for the EU?


By dxw

Young leaders from the UK and Germany are meeting to discuss the key challenges faced by the EU

British German Forum 2015

Strengthening our resilience in a world of shocks and crises

Monday 13 – Thursday 16 July 2015 | WP1413

This is a perilous moment for the European Union, and the Eurozone in particular. The seemingly never ending Greek crisis, whether a resolution is found in the coming days or not, has forced all those involved in the European project to ask fundamental questions about its purpose and guiding principles.

While the initial Greek entry into the single currency is now recognised as having been mismanaged, and reforms required to both ensure its continued membership of the Eurozone and ability to weather the fallout of future global financial crises, opinions divide over how to proceed. On the one hand those creditor nations and institutions that have provided bailout funds have a right to repayment and for this to be written off would set a precedent for further defaults across the Eurozone. On the other, not only are the reforms and repayments causing extreme levels of unemployment, bank closures, and food shortages, the primacy of technocratic decisions emanating from the Troika over that of Greek democracy presents an existential problem for Europe.

Just one of many shocks and crises facing Europe today, young leaders from the UK and Germany will be wrestling with at our 30th annual British German Forum next week. Established by Chancellor Kohl and Margaret Thatcher in 1985, the Forum aims to facilitate both increased shared understanding and the building of strong relationships between influential young Britons and Germans.

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