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Research institutions partnerships with Wilton Park


By dxw

We reflect on our partnerships with research institutions, such as the Centre for International Studies at the University of Oxford and Carnegie Corporation of New York.

In October 2014, in partnership with the Centre for International Studies at the University of Oxford, we ran a meeting on Measuring peace consolidation. This event facilitated the exchange of knowledge between academics, practitioners and policy makers engaged in peacebuilding.

The meeting enabled an exchange of knowledge, research and ideas among practitioners engaged in peacebuilding, on how they currently assess progress towards achieving a sustainable peace; in particular identifying best practice.

The meeting report concluded that despite significant developments in the area, efforts had been hampered by the absence of a clear and common understanding of the characteristics of a consolidated peace and the lack of effective means of measuring progress towards that end.

At the event our Chief Executive, Richard Burge, recorded a podcast with Helder da Costa, General Secretary of the G7+ Secretariat on Learning through direct experience – Timor Leste in which they discussed the value of academic knowledge in conflict resolution.

The event was in association with the Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford, the Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies, Oslo, the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF), Oslo and the Folke Bernadotte Academy, Sandöverken.

With additional support from the British Academy, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OCSE), Vienna, and the Public Diplomacy Division, NATO, Brussels.

In February 2015, in partnership with the African Leadership Centre and the African Peacebuilding Network of the Social Science Research Council, New York, and with support from Carnegie Corporation of New York, we ran Peacebuilding in Africa: evolving challenges, responses and new African thinking at which we brought together African researchers and policy analysts with their global counterparts. This meeting paid particular attention to models of peacebuilding and security, considering the importance of research and communities of thought.

A podcast is available on which Richard Burge talks to Funmi Olonisakin, Director, Security Leadership and Society, King’s College London and Abubakar Zein, Member of Parliament, East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), Arusha, asking what creates sustainable peace and what it is about Africa that allows it to be such a powerful narrator of peace.

Wilton Park has had nearly seventy years of experience in bringing together diverse audiences of influential stakeholders, engaging key policymakers with academic knowledge and research. Our academic partnerships have proved invaluable throughout our history, and we look forward to building new relationships with research institutions on tackling global issues.

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