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Environmental activities

There are a number of measures that we have undertaken to maximise our recycling and reuse policy. Some examples of these are as follows:

Recycle – reuse

  • Recycled paper is used for printing
  • Recycled products include paper, newspapers, printer toners, stamps, aluminium cans, glass, china, cooking fat, batteries, light bulbs, cardboard, plastic bottles and food trays, cartons, magazines, mixed metals and aerosol cans
  • Food waste is composted
  • Reclaimed wood and building materials are used when refurbishing eg doors, windows and tiles


  • Biomass boiler using wood from Wiston Estate reduces our gas oil use
  • Green, renewable electricity tariff
  • LED light bulbs have been fitted in 65% of the building
  • Low energy bulbs are used where possible
  • Motion sensor lights have been fitted in the men’s toilets


  • We bottle our own water
  • Camel head showers have been fitted
  • Hippo systems reduce the amount of water in toilet cisterns


  • Produce – fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers are grown on site
  • Beehives are on site to produce honey for sale through the Wiston Estate
  • Fairtrade produce is provided in the bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Food and drink is sourced from local suppliers
  • Local service providers are used
  • Biodegradable cleaning products are used
  • Group travel from airports is used for Wilton Park conferences
  • Klargester sewage treatment system with a secondary reed bed system