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Wiston Estate woodland

The Wiston Estate is situated in West Sussex and is located on the northern edge of the South Downs. It is made up of 6,200 acres, 1,200 of which is woodland. The woodland can be split into three different areas:

  • The downland woods situated on the southernmost part of the estate, from Findon village to ‘hillside’.
  • The ‘hillside’ runs along scarp slope of the South Downs from the town of Steyning to Washington village.
  • The Weald from Wiston to the villages of Ashington and Ashurst.

The woodland is made up of about 65% hardwood and around 45% softwood with the softwood trimmings making up the bulk of the material used for the biomass boiler at Wiston House. There are about 150 acres of sweet chestnut wood, of which the poorer quality produced makes up the rest of the material used for the biomass boiler.

Other products that are extracted and sold from the Wiston Estate woodlands include firewood, softwood timber, oak timber, some chestnut wood fencing and hazel wood coppice.