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Working in Wilton Park’s Policy Team

Here’s what past and present members of the PT have to say about working at Wilton Park:

“I’m now working in the Iraq Team at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in Whitehall, helping to drive our diplomacy with Iraq in London, Baghdad and Erbil.

I did a few different jobs at Wilton Park during my four years there, and when I left, I was Assistant Programme Director.

I always say that working at Wilton Park gave me a ‘wide angle lens’ on foreign policy, but also across so many other areas: global health, gender equality and youth unemployment to name a few. It was a privilege to learn so much about a wide variety of topics through working on Wilton Park events- which I constantly draw from in my new role. I met lots of amazing people and built a really solid network that has stood me in good stead for an international career- as well as building up my confidence and skills. Given my experience at Wilton Park, I’m always the first to be asked to plan an event in my current job, but I take that as a compliment ….!”






“Working in the Policy Team has allowed me the opportunity to work on a diverse and broad range of policy areas. I have gained a deep insight and understanding of foreign policy which has given me the confidence and skill set to successfully deliver world-class policy dialogues.”


“I spent five really enjoyable years at Wilton Park, starting on their old intern programme and leaving as an Assistant Programme Director. The work was challenging, engaging, and there were regular chances to stretch when sought. I’m now working at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office as a Desk Officer. Wilton Park gave me the skills, experience, and opportunity to move into the Diplomatic Service. I would strongly recommend pursuing a career at Wilton Park as an end in itself however – I do miss the place.” Thomas

“I had a fantastic experience working as an intern at Wilton Park before moving on to work at the Department for International Trade, where I focused on South Asia issues with a short posting overseas in Bangladesh.

I valued the opportunity to work across a range of projects with the Wilton Park team, other Whitehall departments and the private sector. The role involved delving into familiar and unfamiliar policy areas while also managing competing priorities across them. This is something I’ve drawn upon regularly since joining Private Office for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

There aren’t many other internships out there that give you the chance to discuss ideas with Ministers, leading experts and policy makers; the internship programme presents a unique opportunity to begin building networks that will help you navigate the Civil Service in the future.”


“My policy internship at Wilton Park was an excellent introduction to the world of work – I couldn’t have dreamed for a better first job out of uni! I worked on a fascinating range of meeting themes, from AI in Healthcare, to Modern Slavery, to Girls Education. The internship really brought my IR degree to life, and put the issues I’d learnt about into a policy context. Wilton Park is a supportive and friendly organisation, which helped me to develop key skills. I made some real friends over the course of my internship, making my time there unforgettable!

 I am now working at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, within South Asia and Afghanistan Directorate, where I work flexibly across teams to help deliver key UK Government objectives in the region. A personal highlight has been three weeks I spent in New Delhi last year, where I delivered a crisis preparedness exercise across three overseas posts.”






“As a member of the Policy Team, we have the opportunity on a daily basis to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders, enabling us to better understand the international policy field”
“Working in the Policy Team gives you an introduction to all aspects of the business, from delivering an event through to developing the policy angle and communicating the event. As a Policy Team member, I gained an insight into these aspects, insights which have been hugely valuable when I transferred into the Communication Team.

There is no doubt that the role is a challenging one, but it is one which rewards you both in terms of experience and in developing and delivering international, world-class policy dialogues. My experience in the Policy Team gave me the skills and experience to be able to transfer into the communications team and the insights to successfully work in that team.”






“Working at Wilton Park continues to broaden my international policy knowledge, including global health, the resilience of youth, the continuing importance of freedom of religion and belief, as well as climate change in the Pacific. It is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a range of foreign policy issues.”


“After Wilton Park, I moved into a strategy role in the civil service. The responsibility I was given and breadth of topics I encountered at Wilton Park were extremely valuable in my personal and professional development.”