Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

The Wilton Park Board has established an Audit and Risk Assurance Committee as a Committee of the Board, to support them in their responsibilities for issues of risk, control and governance and associated assurance by:

  • Reviewing the comprehensiveness of assurances in meeting the Board\Accounting Officer’s assurance needs;
  • Reviewing the reliability and integrity of these assurances;
  • Providing an opinion on how well the Board and Accounting Officer are supported in decision making and in discharging their accountability obligations (particularly in respect of Financial Reporting)

The Audit and Risk Assurance Committee consists of at least three independent members of whom one chairs the committee:

  • Iain Morgan, Chair; retired finance director to the Surgeon-General, MOD
  • Victoria Rae, Consultant and Executive Coach
  • Andy Townend, Chief Executive, Townend Consulting Group

The Wilton Park Chief Executive, other members of the Senior Management Team and representatives from the FCO and the NAO are invited to attend as appropriate in accordance with accepted practice.

The Audit Committee meets at least three times a year. The Chair may convene additional meetings as necessary.

Terms of Reference