Monitoring and Evaluation

Wilton Park has developed the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) process to allow us to gauge and record the impact of our conferences, and to improve the way we develop our future programmes. The strategy is to design, implement and manage a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) approach which can assess the effectiveness and impact of Wilton Park’s work, provide insights and reflection to enable improvement, and help shape the development of future work.

The M&E system is also intended to provide longer-term trends about the impact of our work, provide evidence of the strengths and weaknesses of Wilton Park and our ability to deliver value for money.  It is also used to assist in ensuring that our strategies are aligned with stakeholders’ interests.

The process was developed with the assistance of Professor Robert Picciotto of King’s College London, who was Director-General of the Independent Evaluation Group at the World Bank from 1992-2002.


The M&E Committee assesses Wilton Park’s overall performance, improves and refines the M&E process, and ensures lessons learned are built back into our approach and work. The Committee reports biannually to the Wilton Park Advisory Council and highlights are shared with the WP Board.


Myles Wickstead CBE, Visiting Professor, (International Relations), King’s College London and the Open University (Chair)

Amelia Breeze, Programme Development Associate, Wilton Park

Nicholas Colloff, OBE, Executive Director, Argidius Foundation

Elizabeth Evans, Chief of Staff, Wilton Park

Elise Maddocks, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, Wilton Park

Robert van den Berg, President, International Development Evaluation Association


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