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The 2016 Marsh Award for Peacemaking and Peacekeeping

On Sunday 13 November 2016 we hosted the third presentation of The Marsh Award for Peacemaking and Peacekeeping. This year’s recipient, Dr Rouba Mhaissen, is a Lebanese-Syrian and the Founder and Director of Sawa for Development and Aid, a non-profit organisation that supports Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and Sawa Foundation UK which supports forced migrants in Europe and the Middle East.

Rebuilding, reunification and remembrance

As we take time today to remember those who have fought and died in conflict, we invite you to look back at Wilton Park’s peacebuilding…

Chief Executive Richard Burge to take up new position at CWEIC

Wilton Park’s current Chief Executive, Richard Burge, will leave the organisation to take on the leadership of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC), where he has been appointed Chief Executive.

Caribbean2030 Leaders’ Network created at Wilton Park

During our meeting in October on Caribbean 2030 - new thinking for a new generation III, the Caribbean2030 Leaders’ Network was born. This group will build an entrepreneurial spirit of collaboration across the region.

People on the back of a vehicle driving away from a soldier who is watching

Protecting children from violence: safeguarding children’s rights through better prevention and response

By the end of this year, we will have had the pleasure of meeting a number of participants who are focused on understanding and tackling the issues and challenges faced by children globally.

Ebola: how reactions differ when pandemics are confirmed as an attack

We recently convened an event to further an investigation undertaken by the United States upon how responses to pandemics may differ when their release is suspected or found to be a deliberate act.

Partnership renewal between Wilton Park and Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, HE Dr Rizal Sukma, visited Wilton Park today to sign the renewed Partnership Agreement between Wilton Park and The Policy Analysis and Development Agency of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia. This agreement has been developed to promote sustained dialogue between the two organisations and their respective countries, as they tackle wide ranging national and international policy issues.

Water tap protruding from a block of wood

Addressing water challenges: promoting collaboration through science and innovation

Wilton Park continues to foster multi-sectoral responses to crucial environmental issues, most recently with a four day event on sharing innovation to address water challenges.

Putting science and diplomacy under the microscope: Wilton Park at New Scientist Live (WP1509)

What do scientists need to think about when giving foreign policy advice? How can diplomats promote risky innovation overseas? These are just two of the questions our expert panel will interrogate and debate at our panel discussion, broadcast live through our Facebook page from the Technology Stage at New Scientist Live on Thursday 22 September.

Commemorative tree planting to celebrate 70 years

Wilton Park was established as a forum for global dialogue 70 years ago and has been proud to call Wiston House its home for 65 years.