Robert Grant

Robert Grant

Robert brings 20 years experience creating frameworks to promote candid exchange of views on sensitive issues and formulate effective policy solutions.

Robert’s conference programmes includes counter-insurgency and stabilisation operations, civil-military coordination, defence policy and capability, governance and democracy promotion and energy security.

Robert was previously Senior Research Associate at the US Center for Research and Education on Strategy and Technology (U.S.-CREST) and an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). He was Senior Consultant at Ogden Environmental and Energy Services and a freelance consultant to the Institute for Defense Analyses, French-American Foundation, and Numark Associates.

He has authored numerous reports and publications in the areas of foreign policy, security, and energy, including on coalition military operations, defence transformation, civil-military coordination, transatlantic security relations, energy security, and nuclear energy.

Robert read History at the University of Michigan (BA Hons) and International Politics at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris (PhD).


+44 (0) 1903 817797


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Implementing Africa’s maritime security strategies (WP1407)

4 May 2015 Conference

This Wilton Park/Institute for Security Studies event will examine African maritime security capacity and strategies, at a time when there is serious international interest to contribute further to African-led efforts to secure this ‘blue economy’. Countries in Africa depend heavily …

Ukraine, armed conflict, crisis management, Europe, NATO, OSCE, peace, Russia, security,

Euro-Atlantic security: collaborating on new challenges (WP1394)

4 Mar 2015 Conference

This dialogue aimed to examine how the key organisations that contribute to peace and stability in Europe (NATO, EU and OSCE) can work towards deeper practical collaboration to address the broad European security crisis that erupted with the conflict in …

Education: Macedonia 2015 (WP1378)

28 Nov 2014 Conference

Education reform is one of the key long term challenges for Macedonian society. Any overall education strategy will only be effective if implementation is based on a long term vision and is consulted and coordinated with the political elite of …

Peacekeeping, Brazil, China, debt relief, development, finance, peace, stability, technology,

Linking peace, stability and development: engaging new global actors in the debate (WP1275)

3 Dec 2014 Conference

Given the debate about a new framework for international development post-2015 and the growing global role of countries like China and Brazil, it is vital to understand the range of perspectives on the relationship between peace, stability and development. It …

Afghanistan, military operation, NATO,

NATO’s post 2014 strategic narrative (WP1319)

17 Mar 2014 Conference

The September 2014 NATO Summit in the UK appears to be taking place at another pivotal moment in the history of the Alliance. The end to NATO combat operations in Afghanistan this year is bringing to a close two decades …

EU flag

EU programmes and action in fragile and conflict states: next steps for the comprehensive approach (WP1318)

18 Feb 2014 Conference

Our first comprehensive approach conference in December 2012 stimulated much of the thinking that has since guided the work of High Representative/Vice President Ashton, EEAS, the Commission and member states. This conference sought to build on the contents of the …

capacity building, military, EU, NATO, security, Afghanistan,

Assisting host country militaries: assessing lessons from NATO, EU and member state experience (WP1296)

4 Dec 2013 Conference

What are the lessons from NATO, EU and member state training, advising, mentoring and operational support missions over the past ten years in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries? How can they apply to future military capacity building efforts? This conference …

aid, fragile states, mdg, media, statebuilding,

Media and fragile states (WP1278)

9 Oct 2013 Conference

Access to independent media and information has a critical role in efforts to promote accountable government and foster political cohesion in fragile states and countries in transition. How can international donors most effectively support media in these environments? The High …

The changing world and NATO (WP1192)

4 Jan 2013 Podcast

How NATO preserves its relationships after operations end, how they are transforming themselves and how they are managing a smaller budget. We also discuss how America is shifting some of its military attention to the Asian Pacific from Europe. Contributors …

Map of the Western Balkans

The Western Balkans and EU enlargement: ensuring progress on the rule of law (WP1217)

25 Mar 2013 Conference

This conference assessed the effectiveness of EU rule of law assistance to the region; how to implement change on the ground; and building institutions to strengthen transparency and accountability of government. The EU has placed rule of law at the …

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