Britain and Germany 25 years of finding emerging leaders

28 January, 2011


Robin Hart, Director for Programmes, writes:

Each year Wilton Park plays a part to examine how Britain and Germany can work together in the face of shifting powers, changing environments, global threats and regional uncertainties.

I have been privileged to have run the annual British German fora for the past 14 years.  Where once I was the same age as the participants the current 25-35 year olds are a new generation whose world views are shaped by very different experiences and perceptions.  It is my favourite week of the year, and I am always struck by the energy, ideas and willingness to debate of these future leaders.  We have just celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the forum bringing together alumni from the past 25 years at a reception and panel discussion generously hosted by the City of London.  Quite some alumni which this years group will join.

Baroness Thatcher sent us a strong message of congratulation, remarking that;

“The last quarter-century has seen remarkable progress. The Iron Curtain was rent apart, the Berlin Wall torn down, Germany is one again. The strength of the relationship between Britain and Germany has been a crucial component in that progress and at its heart is this Forum”.

This years forum will focus on Delivering a secure and prosperous future in a fast-changing world

Using the financial crisis as a starting point, the programme considers how the growth of emerging economies has continued, and how this contrasts with Europe at present. Future expectations and aspirations will be set against the backdrop of the global and regional challenges facing Britain and Germany, and the wider world.

The impact of future vulnerabilities such as climate change, resource scarcity, energy shortages, and food and water insecurity, on prosperity and security will be unpicked. The challenges of non-state actors and terrorism are also covered. The event has dynamic plenary and small group discussions on education, migration, and ageing in society.

A key element each year is when the participants spend a day in London, visiting the House of Commons. They also call on the German Embassy and Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London to see how policy meets reality.

Respected and thought-provoking speakers and facilitated working groups give everyone a chance to network a wide range of other bright and influential people. So, it is an exceptional opportunity for international cooperation and self-development.

Nominations to participate are now open so please email Michle Craig: for further information.


Robin Hart

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