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EU and UK gas security of supply [WP1121]

EU and UK gas security of supply [WP1121]
Monday 23 - Wednesday 25 January, 2012
Wiston House

Wilton Park
West Sussex
BN44 3DZ
+44 (0) 1903 815 020

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Forecasts indicate that by 2030 up to 70% of the EU’s natural gas consumption will have to be imported. Ensuring gas security of supply at reasonable prices has consequently become a major preoccupation for both the European Union and its member states. The UK, for example, had been self-sufficiet for gas since the 1960’s but is now increasingly dependent on imports.

The need for policy initiatives at EU level has become widely accepted, but Europe-wide agreement on details and implementation has faced major obstacles. Efforts to formulate common EU energy policies, including on gas supply, are nonetheless continuing and making progress.


Programme Director: Robert Grant

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