Africa and non-proliferation treaty regime [WP1132]

UN Photo by Eskinder Debebe

With the upcoming 2012 NPT PrepCom kicking off the 2015 NPT review process, this timely conference assessed the state of the nuclear non-proliferation regime and identified what the 2010 NPT Action Plan can offer African states. The role of African states in the 2015 NPT review process and the wider nuclear non-proliferation regime, including nuclear industry was also discussed.

The conference asked questions on the objectives below:

  • Gauge the state of the global nuclear non-proliferation regime and identify the priorities of African states within the regime
  • Assess how African security and development priorities align with global non-proliferation objectives
  • Evaluate to what extent the role of African states can be enhanced in the NPT review process and in the broader nuclear non-proliferation regime, and how to best implement this enhanced role
  • Identify the disarmament and non-proliferation education needs of African states
  • Assess how to most effectively operationalize the Pelindaba Treaty
  • Discuss whether regional lessons of disarmament and non-proliferation cases are applicable to Africa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kenya) was indeed, honored to participate at the Conference and we look forward to another opportunity as we all endeavor to contribute positively to the global well-being through initiatives such as the Wilton Park’s initiative.

Harriet Nduma, Deputy Director of Multilateral Affairs, Kenyan MFA
Tue 13 - Wed 14 March, 2012
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Defence and security, Multilateral institutions, key countries and regions
Africa, non-proliferation, npt

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