Challenges in flood risk management in urban areas of river deltas in South and South East Asia (WP1257)

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This conference was organised jointly by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) and Wilton Park, with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This conference shared challenges, knowledge, good practices and experiences on building the resilience of Delta regions to floods and other hydro-meteorological disaster events, particularly in urbanised areas.

Key highlights

Large-scale urban centres in delta regions in South and Southeast Asia have developed as economic hubs. Unfortunately they are also among the most vulnerable areas to hydro-meteorological disasters. Risks such as flooding, subsidence, and rising sea levels threaten socioeconomic development each year. They are worsened by unsustainable urban development that reduces drainage or delays flooding in the short term while exacerbating flood intensity in the long term.

Implementing strategies to deal with hydro-meteorological disasters needs a long-term approach and countries in South and Southeast Asia will need to build individually tailored solutions to suit their distinct water management challenges and reduce the risk of major impacts of flooding in their urban populations living in the delta regions.

Solutions to managing flood risk across the four major delta areas of the South and South East Asia region can be enhanced by sharing best practice, data, knowledge and expertise and by technical assistance. Greater informal cooperation across the four river delta areas is encouraged, building trust and increasing resilience to the risk of flooding.

Undoubtedly, I profited from this conference more than I gave. Between the presentations and networking opportunities, I am a better emergency manager.

Joseph Iandoli
Wed 6 - Thu 7 November, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand

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Norway supports disaster preparedness seminar (WP1257)

Published: 21 Nov 2013


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