Strengthened multi-sectoral collaboration in addressing biosecurity threats in the ASEAN region (WP1335)

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This meeting built bridges and established relationships between the law enforcement, health and security communities; and further developed coordinated strategies to prevent, detect and respond to deliberate release of biological agents.

Participation at this event was multi-sectoral, with particular emphasis on the sectors of human health, animal health, and security. By building bridges and establishing relationships between the law enforcement, health and security communities, we were able to develop strategies through which coordinated action to prevent, detect and respond to deliberate release of biological agents will be enhanced and enabled.

We began with an assessment of the current nature of biosecurity threats globally and specific to the ASEAN region. Then we identified opportunities for strengthening national and regional strategies for preparedness, detection and response capacity related to a bioterrorist attack, looking at all three of our key sectors of human health, animal health and security/law enforcement. Individual state capacity to implement risk reduction work was assessed, and gaps where assistance can be provided were identified. The aim was to strengthen national and regional capacity to identify and address vulnerabilities, threats and challenges.

We also developed better cross sector and region wide networks of cooperation through information sharing and exchange of best practices among government ministries, government agencies, public and private sectors. Regional support networks to sustain risk reduction in the life sciences was encouraged, and the goal was to strengthen capacity to coordinate between government ministries, government agencies, and public and private sectors.

Wed 15 - Fri 17 October, 2014


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Defence and security, Multilateral institutions, key countries and regions
biological, biosecurity, bioterrorist, health, law enforcement, preparedness

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