The administration of justice and law enforcement: international co-operation and sharing experiences (WP1562)

The administration of justice and law enforcement: international co-operation and sharing experiences (WP1562)Image: Ugurhan Betin

Since March 2014, the Governments of Chile, Denmark, Ghana, Indonesia and Morocco have been leading a ten year global initiative – the Convention Against Torture Initiative (CTI) – to achieve universal ratification and improved implementation of the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT or the Convention). The CTI is an initiative by States for States facilitating technical advice, dialogue and cooperation to help States overcome obstacles to ratification and/or implementation and to share positive experiences and practices.

As part of the CTI, the Governments of Indonesia and Morocco have each hosted events bringing together governments from their regions to share experience and good practice and promote peer to peer exchange and international cooperation. Building on these past events, this seminar will convene up to 60 participants, including senior government officials from selected countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East which share similar legal frameworks and cultural traditions.

The Fes seminar will provide a neutral space for candid discussion on a non-attributable basis, focusing on good practice associated with the administration of justice and law enforcement. Under the overall goal to support international co-operation and awareness raising, the Fes seminar aims to:

  • Explore experiences and good practices regarding arrest and detention of suspects
  • Provide an expert exchange on the latest techniques of criminal investigation such as questioning and interviewing suspects, witnesses and victims
  • Share good management approaches in relation to law enforcement and custody

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Mon 30 - Tue 31 October, 2017


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Human rights, good governance and faith
CTI, justice, law enforcement, torture, UNCAT

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