Evidence based diplomacy and decision making in multilateral and international contexts (WP1569)

An expert exchange, developed in partnership with the Royal Society and the British Council that will bring together up to 50 international diplomats, leading researchers and policymakers to map out new approaches to evidence-based decision making, particularly in multilateral fora.

Evidence and research has become increasingly embedded in the furtherance of common foreign policy objectives and is now the work of experts of many kinds. How can world-leading research in a range of natural and social sciences best be deployed to give pace to transnational decision making on challenges faced by nation states and international fora? How can bilateral, regional or multipolar partnerships be drawn together to address global issues such as climate change, trade negotiations, migration, conflict resolution, poverty eradication or socioeconomic development? What sort of capacity building might be needed to ensure the most robust, best-informed evidence is used and produced at all stages of international policy making and in developed and developing countries alike?

Leading diplomats, researchers and policy makers will be joined by agile and innovative thought leaders from business, media, philanthropic foundations, multi-lateral and regional bodies, diaspora, academia and civil society, will meet to:

  • explore effective and innovative routes to deploying evidence, research and advice to achieve impact in multilateral/international policy fora in a complex and fast moving environment;
  • identify practical ways in which to build on existing best practice and assets facilitating the flow of evidence into policy, maximise resources and increase impact across a range of intractable multilateral challenges;
  • develop ways to catalyse and further enhance partnerships with influencers across a range of professional communities and wider society, particularly non-traditional actors;

Wed 1 - Fri 3 November, 2017

Wiston House

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Global economy
climate change, conflict resolution, evidence based decision making, migration, poverty eradication, socioeconomic development, trade negotiations, transnational decision making
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Kathryn Hingston: Programme Director

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Gemma Funnell: Project Manager

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