Sharing experiences and building capacity in the Caribbean: The Fair Administration of Justice and the UN Convention against Torture (WP1618)

This regional workshop, being convened in partnership with the Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI), aims to support Caribbean States in overcoming some of the technical and capacity constraints that can prevent full engagement with the international human rights system. In particular, it will provide an opportunity for countries in the Caribbean and beyond to share experiences and exchange in discussion on national practices.

The overall goal is to support cooperation and dialogue among countries of the Caribbean and beyond on torture prevention with a view to moving towards universal ratification and improved implementation of the UN Convention Against Torture.

Mon 4 - Wed 6 June, 2018

St Lucia

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Human rights, good governance and faith
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This event is by invite only.


Julia Purcell: Programme Director

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Gemma Funnell: Project Manager

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