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Consensus for Care Pathways for NAFLD/NASH (WP1736)

Consensus for Care Pathways for NAFLD/NASH (WP1736)
Tuesday 16 June, 2020
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NAFLD is a rapidly growing global health challenge. Despite affecting an estimated 2 billion people globally, NAFLD has received relatively little attention from policymakers, healthcare practitioners and global health experts. This initial dialogue is part of a series which aims to holistically address a broad range of issues related to the NAFLD agenda; this first dialogue shines the spotlight on the design and implementation of pathways of care. At present, there is a clear unmet need related to care pathways for patients with NAFLD. In many healthcare setting no formal pathway exists, and where pathways are in place they are often not standardised according to best practices. This event will bring together some 20-30 clinicians, researchers and patient advocates who have an interest in improving models of care for NAFLD patients.  

Objective: This meeting aims to establish a broad consensus for evidence-based guidance for healthcare providers and policy-makers to establish optimal care pathways for effective care for these patients. This consensus will be published and taken forward to subsequent meetings in this series in order to discuss how agreed pathways can be implemented. The evidence for this guidance is based on an ongoing systematic review of current models of care for NAFLD and NASH patients. 


Nancy Lee: Programme Director

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