Virtual dialogue in challenging times

We’re taking the off-line, online

There has never been a more important time to work together to address and resolve global challenges. Wilton Park promotes positive collaboration and dialogue in a trusted space.

Although current travel restrictions prevent the in person meetings we are famous for, we are sustaining our international reputation for convening authoritative, topical and productive events by moving online.

Building on our extensive networks, we are putting together a programme of interactive events, exploring different formats and facilitation techniques to engage small, expert groupings. Our virtual dialogues bring together a diverse range of participants to strengthen the links between ideas, policy development and practical outcomes as we tackle future challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest global crisis since the Second World War. It is having a seismic effect on the behaviours and beliefs of billions of people, and will have implications for many aspects of our lives, societies and institutions for a long time to come.

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and COP26 President Alok Sharma delivering his opening comments at our virtual dialogue on ensuring ambition at COP26

Although not able to meet in person, we are using virtual conferencing tools to bring experts together in dialogue.

We need international co-operation and open dialogue to:

  • address the public health emergency and economic shock
  • create a space for debate and for decision makers in planning for the medium and longer term challenges
  • start developing options for a changed world.

Virtual meetings, facilitated and hosted by our expert team, are perfectly placed to do this through a mix of plenary sessions and smaller group work. Use of the online space will continue the Wilton Park ethos which enables different views to be expressed in a neutral environment. We will be testing out new ideas, developing series that build on previous discussions and exploring options for future Wilton Park conferences. Join us!

Can we help you tackle these challenges? Please do get in touch.

Virtual Dialogues


A short online discussion amongst a small, selected group of approximately 12 people for an initial exploration of three to four key questions relating to mixedness, diaspora and identity. The meeting will also explore the viability of a Wilton Park residential conference to be held at a later date.

British German Alumni: staying connected in 2020

A virtual discussion about the long-term implications of COVID-19 with alumni and others interested in UK and German bilateral relations.

The future of aid: towards global public investment?

Wilton Park’s Future of Aid series will focus on the changing nature of public concessional finance in the context of the COVID-19  pandemic. It will comprise a series of virtual dialogues to address different aspects, aiming to bring the thinking together with an in-person meeting when circumstances allow.

Placencia Ambition Forum

The Placencia Ambition Forum brought together major actors in the climate change negotiations virtually around a central theme of increasing ambition and a focus on safeguarding the Paris Agreement.