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British German Forum

Uniting young leaders from the UK and Germany.

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The British German Forum was established by Chancellor Kohl and Margaret Thatcher in 1985 and has been an annual event ever since. It provides a dynamic space in which participants can network and share ideas among their peers and gain insight and inspiration from experienced professionals. Through dialogue, it aims to facilitate both increased shared understanding and the building of strong relationships between influential young Britons and Germans.

Following events in the Spring in London and Berlin for existing alumni, a new cohort will come together at Wiston House in July. The 2023 British German Forum will consider opportunities for future collaboration in areas of current challenge:

  • Future security challenges. In the context of the German National Security Strategy and the UK’s Integrated Review refresh, how to address the security challenges of the next decade.
  • Energy security. Balancing the considerations of short and long term energy security policy.
  • Considering information challenges. The challenges and opportunities managing information in politics and competition. 

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British German Forum alumni give their view on what the Forum means to them:


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