Graduate Associate scheme

Wilton Park’s Graduate Associate Scheme is intended to give Graduates the opportunity to work across five fundamental areas of our business during the two years of the Scheme. It enables Graduates to join a thinking, policy organisation, recognised as a key foreign policy tool of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and builds on the successes of our former Intern, Research Associate and Programme Development Associate programmes. Our six strong team of Graduate Associates, working within a larger, Junior Policy Team, help deliver across a programme of projects in support of the UK’s foreign policy objectives, working on the lifecycle of Wilton Park events, from identification and development of initial policy idea through to the preparation, project management and delivery of events held in Wilton Park or in alternative venues in the UK or overseas.

Based in a beautiful country estate in West Sussex, this significant and respected flagship organisation is imbued with history dating back to the 1940s. Wilton Park works to identify, convene and facilitate discreet and effective dialogue on the UK’s strategic foreign policy priorities (and those of its friends and allies). These activities build networks for the future from the successor generation of decision and policy makers.

High profile individuals and world leaders view this secluded haven in the stunning Sussex countryside as an influential centre for discussion of key international policy challenges. Wilton Park manages to retain a collaborative, almost family feel, supported by its long serving staff, and aims to promote honest and open dialogue and debate on vital issues, at a global level.

The skills we believe are needed to be a Graduate Associate include the ability to:

  • Work both in a team and independently;
  • Deliver on tasks and projects and to use your own initiative;
  • Be positive, creative, flexible and driven, with a passion for learning – showing commitment to, and interest in self-development; and
  • Demonstrate strong people and organisational skills; and the willingness and ability to cope in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Following a recent internal review, we are not currently recruiting new Graduates and will instead recruit for a number of new Programme Associate roles, details of which can be found on our vacancies page. Please note, we are unable to accept unsolicited applications outside of a formal recruitment window. If you have questions about the scheme which are not answered by the information set out above, please contact