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Where are our former Interns, Research Associates and Programme Development Associates now?

Wilton Park works with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and colleagues to provide support across Her Majesty’s Government to fulfil British strategic foreign policy and related national objectives – by providing a neutral, discreet and professional vehicle for convening opinion formers and policy makers from around the world, to address and help resolve issues critical to the national security and prosperity of Britain and her allies and, as a consequence, project British values and influence. Our Interns and Programme Development Assistants (PDAs) have the opportunity to work on a diverse set of issues and programmes and to develop and strengthen their skills and experience.

James Gardiner worked as an intern at Wilton Park from February 2015 till March 2016. His work focused on border disputes, foreign policy in ASEAN member states, and international security. Following this, James served as a Policy Advisor to the National Health Service, on political campaigns in Northern Ireland, and academic publishing for various companies. James has worked more recently as a political campaigner for Britain Stronger in Europe, AE16, and GE17. Alongside this, he has gained professional accreditation in negotiation and dispute resolution. James continues to volunteer for Citizens Advice, the United Nations Volunteers and International PEN. He participates as an active member of Young Influencers Belfast and the Embassy of the United States YLUK group. Since leaving Wilton Park, he has been selected for the prestigious Franco-British Council Leadership programme, facilitated dialogues with the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation and worked on projects for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos.

Peter Dawkins left Wilton Park to work as a researcher for Eco-Storm, an environmental investigative organisation, and then to lead a reforestation project in Monteverde, Costa Rica. His current role is the Assurance and Standards Coordinator for the Responsible Jewellery Council. Peter links his experiences at Wilton Park conducting research and producing briefings on a variety of subjects were invaluable for his current role. “My time at Wilton Park and working on the topics I did, cemented for me, my desire to work on environmental and social issues.”

Georgie Lund left her internship at Wilton Park to read Conflict Prevention, Sustainable Peace and Security MSc at the University of Durham. She is now working for Save the Children as a Child Safeguarding in Emergencies officer, a roving position around the East African region. Prior to this Georgie worked in a variety of roles at Save the Children; in the Humanitarian Department, in Programme, Development and Quality in South Sudan and in the Global Media Unit. Georgie says, ‘ I really enjoyed my time at Wilton Park and learnt a huge amount for the exposure and variety of the work. Whilst there I was able to get involved in a variety of foreign policy issues and build a strong network. It also allowed me to focus on my own career aspirations and realise my interest in conflict and humanitarianism. Although my current role is very different, Wilton Park was an excellent first opportunity out of university and gave me a strong platform from which to progress in my career.

Andrew Hamilton left his internship at Wilton Park to volunteer in a women’s rights NGO in Ghana. He then worked in a migrant charity in northern Thailand and is presently Programmes Officer for the Franks Family Foundation in London where he works on development in South East Asia. Whilst at Wilton Park, Andrew helped develop a wide variety of events on development and migration, researching key issues and supporting conference delivery. Andrew says “Without a doubt, interning at Wilton Park greatly improved my research and analysis skills, as well as the confidence to work with a wide range of people and organisations. What I learned was instrumental to my success in subsequent roles and continues to underpin my work today.”

Saffienne Vincent left her internship at Wilton Park to start as a graduate trainee at the FCO on the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. Since then she has completed a Master in Human Rights in Paris, and worked as a consultant overseas with international NGOs. She is now working as a Policy Adviser at the Cabinet Office. Saffienne says “The internship at Wilton Park provided fantastic exposure to a range of thematic areas, FCO priorities and policy work. I always felt supported, motivated and challenged throughout the internship. It was certainly invaluable in helping me to secure an initial traineeship with the FCO.”

Wilton Park recruits interns on a rolling basis. For more information, please visit our Careers page.