Kamelia Kemileva

Kamelia is currently Executive Manager to the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in Geneva Switzerland. She is an expert advisor on the United Nations Human Rights Council at the Academy and handles other Academy research projects. An important part of Kamelia’s work involves organising events, conferences and meetings of various sizes, involving different actors such as diplomats, academics, experts, NGOs, IGOs, local officials and individuals, held in Geneva and elsewhere. She is also in charge of developing strong working relationships with the private sector.

In parallel to her Academy work, Kamelia has also recently worked closely with the Government of Geneva on the establishment of a Centre for Global Cooperation. This project significantly developed her knowledge and contacts within the areas of migration, health, science, disarmament, refugees, environment and trade, both in Geneva and worldwide.

Before joining the Academy, Kamelia worked as a Special Assistant to the President of the UN Human Rights Council for three years. During this period, she advised the President on political and substantive issues. She was also in charge of various format negotiations namely with Member States, regional and other coordinators, governmental and non-governmental organisations, national institutions and other participants. She handled the follow-up relations between the General Assembly of the United Nations through working, amongst other channels, with the Office of the President of the General Assembly.

Prior to this, she was part of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Office in New York, having worked previously for the Swiss Mission to the United Nations in Geneva. In this role she represented Switzerland at the UN in various political fora. She was particularly involved in the creation of the UN Human Rights Council and its successful establishment in Geneva, and subsequently, in its institution building.

Before changing career to the public sector Kamelia worked for two years in a Geneva based bank where her tasks involved the establishment of, and follow-up to, clients’ legal files and the creation of a database of the relevant information with regard to regulations against money laundering as Compliance Officer’s assistant.

Kamelia Kemileva is a lawyer with a Master’s degree in International Public Law from the University of Geneva. After graduating she worked on specific mandates for the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee on issues related to minorities in the Balkans region. She also completed an MBA diploma (2011), focused on non-profit organisations.