Olivier Weatherston

Programme Director

Olivier’s programme focuses on the intersection of military operations, force development programmes and intelligence and security activities with cyber, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies in the context of grand/national strategy and international alliances.

Specific themes within his programme include:

  • UK bilateral and multilateral defence and security relationships
  • Single service and joint military concepts and force development
  • Multi-agency counter-terrorism and irregular warfare
  • Joint force operations
  • Disruptive technologies including cyber, AI, directed energy weapons and space-based systems
  • Human-centric biological, chemical and cognitive enhancements
  • Information operations, strategic communications and behavioural change

Prior to joining Wilton Park, Olivier spent 13 years working in the defence sector and latterly founded and for five years ran a boutique defence consultancy.  He also worked as Editor in Chief of the peer-reviewed Cambridge Review of International Affairs and as a Research Fellow at The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI).

He has been a US State Department-sponsored member of the International Visitor Leadership Programme, worked as a Project Lead at the UK MoD-industry NITEWORKS partnership, was a member of General Sir Nick Carter’s PRISM Strategic Analysis and Advisory Team in Afghanistan and is a serving British Army Reservist.

Olivier holds a BA (Hons) in Modern and Medieval Languages, an MPhil in International Relations and is currently pursuing a part-time PhD in Politics and International Studies, all from the University of Cambridge.