Artificial intelligence and global health (WP1626)

12 September, 2018
Sustainable development and the environment
AI, artificial intelligence, DATA, disease, health, LMIC, refugees

We discuss the potential of AI to deliver improved health outcomes for individuals in low resource settings through the use of simple applications that build on existing health care approaches. The discussion also focused on ethical implications of using AI for global health, the likelihood of it exacerbating existing inequalities, and issues relating to trust, confidentiality and data privacy when using AI.

Note: Due to unforeseen technical issues the sound quality of this recording does not meet our regular standard.


Effy Vayena, Professor, Bioethics, Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH, Zurich

Mridul Chowdhury, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, mPower Social Enterprises Ltd, Dhaka

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