China: towards a harmonious society? [WP1055]

5 November, 2010
Global economy

Here we examine China, in light of recent global economic shockwaves, to discover the philosophical and political origins of the term ‘harmonious society’ and its various challenges since 2005. Is there any link to ‘big society’ in the UK?

We recorded this conversation during our meeting: ‘Dialogue with China’ in November 2010.

Contributors were:

Professor Joseph Fewsmith, Director, East Asian Studies Programme; Department of International Relations and Political Science, Boston University

Dr Lai Hairong,Executive Director, China Centre for Overseas Social and Philosophical Theories, Beijing

Dr Wang Yiwei
Professor, Fundan University; Scholar-in-residence, Chinese Mission to European Union, Brussels

Professor Willy Wo-Lap Lam, Adjunct Professor of History & Political Economy, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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