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During each of our conferences we take the opportunity to talk with some of the key opinion formers about the issues at hand. We publish our podcasts on Mixcloud.

As with all of our discussions, each individual contributing to our podcasts will be expressing their own opinions and not those of any organisation to which they may be affiliated.


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Torture (WP1382)

28 Apr 2015
We discuss the legal instruments that have been set up to stop torture taking place and ask why the UN convention hasn’t been ratified by everyone. We ask how you deal with torture by non-state actors and how people are …

Africa – opportunities and obstacles (WP1329)

22 Apr 2015
We ask why Africa doesn’t have enough water and if what they have is being used in the most effective way. We discuss why extractive industries are important in terms of water and how you build trust between the large …

The rise of antimicrobial resistance (WP1399)

15 Apr 2015
We discuss the threat that AMR poses and what is being done about it, how the international community comes together and what the practical challenges are for implementation. We ask what will happen after the global action plan in May. …

Peacebuilding in Africa (WP1358)

27 Mar 2015
Asking what creates sustainable peace, what it is about Africa that allows it to be such a powerful narrator of peace and what it can do to help others. We discuss if violence in conflict is down to the failure …

Conflict – how it is changing (WP1374)

24 Mar 2015
Discussing if conflict has changed or if we are dealing with more sophisticated weapons. Asking how you deal with the enemy when they don’t share the same rules and discussing if the UN is aware of what they are asking …

Freedom of religion and belief (WP1383)

6 Mar 2015
We ask what the role is of parliamentarians, legislators, Ambassadors and diplomats and if it has become a bigger item on the agenda of diplomacy. We also discuss how diplomats deal with people who are advocates of FoRB. Contributors: Elizabeth …

Uncontrolled availability of small arms

27 Feb 2015
We ask what small arms are, how they get into an illicit cycle and how big the problem is. We also ask if there are particular areas of concern in the world and what tools we have at our disposal …

Europe’s East (WP1360)

20 Feb 2015
We discuss the frictions on Europe’s eastern boundaries and ask who is to blame. We talk about the complications with having States in between Russia and the West that aren’t aligned and the ethnic Russian groups along Europe’s eastern boundary. …

Universal values and rights (WP1375)

12 Feb 2015
We discuss how to make sure treaties are adhered to and ask what extent current and historic human rights are being dealt with. Finally we ask if the UN is facing a new challenge to reinforce universal values around the …

Women led businesses around the world (WP1362)

28 Jan 2015
We ask if men think enough about the opportunities that women could bring to business and what’s getting in the way of businesses thriving. We discuss what the role of governments are and if enough is being done to support …

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