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Defence and security

Wilton Park’s non-proliferation programme has been running for thirty years, addressing the spread of WMD and supporting international governance of proliferation.

We cover nuclear, chemical and biological non-proliferation from different perspectives. Themes include the status and future of the international regimes on non-proliferation, the challenges posed by new scientific developments, how agreements can be dependably verified, the prospects for stable nuclear order and the potential for eventual nuclear disarmament. More recently we have expanded our work in support of the international Arms Trade Treaty. Annual events include a summer conference on stability among nuclear-armed states, and our flagship conference on nuclear non-proliferation held annually in December. Other themes include reinvigorating conventional arms control in Europe and combatting illicit nuclear trafficking.

Our long-standing partnerships provide us with valued intellectual and financial support. For example: foreign ministries in Canada, the UK, the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden; US national laboratories Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos and Sandia; NGOs and think tanks, including the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the Institute for Security Studies in South Africa, and the Verification Training and Research Centre.

Discussions also address policy and capability, stabilisation and counter-insurgency operations, NATO priorities, maritime security, defence systems and state intelligence. We consider Alliance relationships, bringing together senior policy experts and officials from both members and partner countries to help shape the future agenda for the transatlantic security and defence relationship as well as NATO’s contribution to collective security. In May 2013 Wilton Park held its first ever conference on professional military education (PME) in collaboration with Allied Command Transformation and NATO Defense College, issuing recommendations on how to maintain education as a key enabler of the human capital that is the comparative advantage of NATO militaries during a time of shrinking defence budgets.

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Conflict prevention, resolution and state building
Global economy
Human rights, good governance and faith
Multilateral institutions, key countries and regions
Sustainable development and the environment


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Rethinking deterrence and assurance (WP1401)

10 Jun 2015 Conference

The meeting aims to assess: How do NATO partners view the new threats after Ukraine and is the Alliance suited to meet them? The likely trajectory of Russian force posture and conventional/nuclear strategy, and the balance between long-running trends and …

Implementing Africa’s maritime security strategies (WP1407)

4 May 2015 Conference

This Wilton Park/Institute for Security Studies event will examine African maritime security capacity and strategies, at a time when there is serious international interest to contribute further to African-led efforts to secure this ‘blue economy’. Countries in Africa depend heavily …

small arms, weapons, illicit arms,

Uncontrolled availability of small arms

27 Feb 2015 Podcast

We ask what small arms are, how they get into an illicit cycle and how big the problem is. We also ask if there are particular areas of concern in the world and what tools we have at our disposal …

Turkey’s role in responding to regional and global challenges: an ethical and strategic perspective (WP1398)

21 Jan 2015 Podcast

At our third Wilton Park Address, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, HE Mr Ahmet Davutoğlu, addressed Turkey’s role in responding to regional and global challenges from an ethical and strategic perspective.

Davutoglu, Turkish Prime Minister, Wilton Park Address, Turkey, Europe, Islam World, Middle East, religion,

Turkey’s role in responding to regional and global challenges: an ethical and strategic perspective (WP1398)

21 Jan 2015 Conference

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, HE Mr Ahmet Davutoğlu addressed Turkey’s role in responding to regional and global challenges from an ethical and strategic perspective. The Address was made before a group of London Ambassadors, representatives from …

Ukraine, armed conflict, crisis management, Europe, NATO, OSCE, peace, Russia, security,

Euro-Atlantic security: collaborating on new challenges (WP1394)

4 Mar 2015 Conference

This dialogue aimed to examine how the key organisations that contribute to peace and stability in Europe (NATO, EU and OSCE) can work towards deeper practical collaboration to address the broad European security crisis that erupted with the conflict in …

international security, space, space assets, space security,

Connecting space with international security and stability (WP1389)

11 Mar 2015 Conference

In collaboration with Secure World Foundation and Airbus Defence and Space, this meeting connected strategic and security analysts to the space community. The dramatic expansion in civil and commercial use of space over past decades has increasing relevance for and …

Pathogenic organisms used as a weapon of war (WP1342)

12 Dec 2014 Podcast

We discuss how the public health issue is related to the biological weapons issue. We ask if the potential for biological weapons has increased and what we can do to prevent crimes associated with them. Contributors: Jez Littlewood, Assistant Professor, …

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Wilton Park Disarmament Dialogues

12 Dec 2014 News and blogs

Next week, we will be launching the Wilton Park Disarmament Dialogues, a new initiative in which we will use our network and convening power to assess the impact of decisive moments in the history of disarmament, and how their consequences …

Synthetic biology (WP1342)

9 Dec 2014 Podcast

We talk about what it is and what opportunities it can offer us and why so many young people are getting involved. We discuss the threats and risks surrounding the misuse of it and ask how the ethical side of …

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