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Publication date:11 Dec 2019

Youth and the State: addressing the violence of exclusion (WP1715)

With over 1.8 billion youth between the ages of 10 and 24 in the world today, we are living with the largest youth population in…

Publication date:9 Oct 2019

Improving UN transitions (WP1719)

Context As countries emerge from conflict, the United Nations (UN) and the international community’s response needs to adapt to the evolving political, economic, development and…

Publication date:19 Jun 2019

Colombian and international stabilisation experience: sharing lessons and shaping the way ahead (WP1704)

Colombia represents an unusual case in the litany of modern counterinsurgency and stabilisation experiences, which have mainly occurred in weak states. Colombia has a developed…

Publication date:10 Apr 2019

Next generation African peacebuilding: new voices, perspectives and approaches (WP1676)

This conference is the fifth in an annual Wilton Park series on peacebuilding in Africa that started in 2015 held in partnership with the African…

Publication date:20 Jan 2019

Turbocharging youth employment in Africa: a new approach (WP1658)

There is arguably no harder or more urgent global challenge in our world today than tackling youth unemployment. Current estimates are that governments need to…

Publication date:8 Jan 2019

Shaping the conditions for a political settlement in Afghanistan (WP1596)

Afghanistan has faced close to four decades of conflict. Today, the Afghan government, with support from its international partners, continues to fight a resilient Taliban…

Publication date:25 Nov 2018

Gender dynamics in violent extremism (WP1630)

Violent extremist groups, armed with modern technologies, have changed the face of global conflicts. They are exploiting today’s global connectedness to move information, money, fighters…

Publication date:19 Mar 2018

The future of global peacebuilding: Africa (WP1552)

This meeting was the fourth and final in a series entitled African perspectives on peacebuilding held in partnership with the African Peacebuilding Network of the…

Publication date:17 Jan 2018

Dealing with the mental health needs of children and adolescents affected by conflict (WP1581)

This event was part of the Wilton Park Youth Dialogues – powering the future. This series of events aims to focus on young people, creating…

Publication date:30 Oct 2017

Protecting civilians in conflict: working with partner militaries (WP1580)

Over the past decade some militaries have strengthened their commitments to protect civilians in conflict zones and to avoid civilian casualties from their own operations.