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Publication date:20 May 2021

Sustaining progress in the fight to end malaria

Despite sustained efforts over the past decades, malaria continues to exert a large human and economic toll. The burden disproportionately impacts sub-Saharan Africa with over…

Publication date:11 May 2021

Risk-informed Early Action Partnership: from commitment to action

Launched at the UN Climate Action Summit (UNCAS) in September 2019, the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP) brings together an unprecedented range of stakeholders across…

Publication date:21 Apr 2021

Healthy societies and healthy populations: urgent actions for healthy futures – learning from COVID-19

This is the first in a series of dialogues which will focus on bringing together participants to identify steps to build healthy futures, through multisectoral…

Publication date:24 Mar 2021

Colombia and the United Kingdom ahead of COP26: partnering to build back better (WP1889V)

This joint UK-Colombia conference, under the umbrella of the Year of UK-Colombia 2021, will explore how the two countries can further strengthen their partnership in…

Publication date:10 Dec 2020

UK-Nordic collaboration on post-COVID recovery: greening future development and global economic recovery post-COVID (WP1854V1)

Event documents WP1854V1 ReportWP1854V2 Report WP1854V3 Report These are unprecedented times economically with…

Publication date:9 Dec 2020

LDC Thimphu Ambition Summit: momentum for a 1.5 degree world (WP1868V)

The earth faces an existential need for faster, deeper reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. We need to help build countries’ capacity to adapt to climate impacts,…

Publication date:13 Oct 2020

Diplomatic pathways for an economic paradigm shift post-COVID (WP1845V)

A series of discussions exploring how the global community can build a greener, healthier and more resilient global economy post-COVID, bringing the climate change and…

Publication date:7 Sep 2020

BRI investment in the energy sector: framing sustainable policy solutions for the post-COVID world (WP1744)

Event reports 1. Event report 2. Interim report This virtual Wilton Park meeting…

Publication date:2 Jun 2020

From COVID-19 to climate change: transformational evaluations for global crises (WP1783)

In this time of deep international uncertainty around the consequences of COVID-19, it is essential to grab the golden opportunity to inspire systems change and…