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Publication date:5 Oct 2020

The Elders in conversation on women in mediation in the Arab world (WP1778V)

In October 2020, the international community will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the landmark UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security which…

Publication date:17 Sep 2020

Responsible Data Sharing with Donors: Accountability, Transparency and Data Protection in Principled Humanitarian Action (WP1777)

Humanitarian organisations are facing increased incentives to collect and share data for various purposes such as improved coordination, more efficient service provision and accountability. At…

Publication date:16 Sep 2020

The future of international diplomacy in the digital sphere (WP1812)

The global spread of the COVID19 pandemic, and the public health measures put in place to control the virus, have challenged traditional modes of diplomacy.

Publication date:7 Sep 2020

BRI investment in the energy sector: framing sustainable policy solutions for the post-COVID world (WP1744)

Event reports 1. Event report 2. Interim report This virtual Wilton Park meeting…

Publication date:20 Jul 2020

Operating in space: current multilateral policy issues and challenges (GRULAC region) (WP1794)

The event report can now be downloaded: PDF REPORT As technology continues to advance and costs fall,…

Publication date:6 Jul 2020

Operating in space: current multilateral policy issues and challenges (Africa) (WP1795)

As technology continues to advance and costs fall, the use of space is growing more widespread internationally, both within government and the commercial sectors.

Publication date:3 Jul 2020

Caribbean 2030 Leaders Network (C2LN-5): Addressing the new ‘normal’ post COVID (WP1806)

The Caribbean 2030 Leaders Network (C2LN) is a diverse and forward-thinking group which encourages innovative thinking for the whole Caribbean region. The network is a…

Publication date:30 Jun 2020

Responding to Covid-19: what are the main challenges for the Leave No One Behind agenda and how can the policy response be shaped to address these? (WP1797)

The pledge to Leave No One Behind is central to Agenda 2030, a promise made by the 193 countries that adopted the General Assembly resolution…

Publication date:2 Jun 2020

From COVID-19 to climate change: transformational evaluations for global crises (WP1783)

In this time of deep international uncertainty around the consequences of COVID-19, it is essential to grab the golden opportunity to inspire systems change and…

Publication date:14 May 2020

Mixedness (WP1792)

Projections indicate that people of mixed race will constitute the largest ethnic grouping in the UK at some point in the next 20-30 years. There…