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Publication date:4 Dec 2019

The climate emergency: sharing perspectives to facilitate global climate action (WP1745)

How prepared are you for the ongoing climatic changes? What are you doing about climate change at a personal, collective and institutional level…

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Publication date:25 Nov 2019

The promise of digital health to address non-communicable diseases in Low and Middle Income Countries (WP1683)

“With the largest NCD burden occurring in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and leading to and perpetuating poverty, the prevention and control of…

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Publication date:21 Nov 2019

Enhancing effective development cooperation between the UK, Brazil and African partners (WP1640)

Context: The UK and Brazil signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a Global Development Partnership in 2011, representing a unique combination of different…

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Publication date:4 Nov 2019

Landmine clearance in Angola: experiences, challenges and implications for national development and international reputation (WP1724)

Angola has encountered some particularly difficult challenges in landmine clearance.  This was evidenced very strongly at the FCO-DfID sponsored Wilton Park conference in 2018, when…

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Publication date:3 Nov 2019

Digital health leadership capacity building: a global approach (WP1730)

Summary   This workshop aims to develop a systems-based approach to digital health leadership in emerging economies, providing an opportunity to ‘join…

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Publication date:21 Oct 2019

Digital Dignity in armed conflict: a roadmap for principled humanitarian action in the age of digital transformation (WP1698)

Online technology and social media networks have enabled humanitarian agencies to become more effective, targeted and efficient in the delivery of assistance in conflict affected…

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Publication date:9 Oct 2019

Improving UN transitions (WP1719)

Context As countries emerge from conflict, the United Nations (UN) and the international community’s response needs to adapt to the evolving political, economic, development and…

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Publication date:25 Sep 2019

Sport integrity and diplomacy: policy into action (WP1712)

The changing role of sport in society is marked by a rise in the professionalisation, commodification and globalisation of sporting events. The sports industry continues…

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Publication date:2 Sep 2019

Internally Displaced Persons: towards more effective international protection and durable solutions (WP1705)

Ten years on from the adoption of the Kampala Convention on Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Africa and in the context…

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Publication date:22 Jul 2019

Scaling up sport’s contribution to the SDGs: partnerships for impact (WP1707)

Sport has a unique ability to unify and inspire diverse audiences across the globe. With its universal appeal and cultural value, sport has the potential…

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