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Publication date:17 Mar 2016

Disrupting cities through technology (WP1449)

Cities are not isolated islands. Global cities are important actors in international politics, a milieu where political influence is gathered and exercised in unexpected ways:…

Publication date:14 Mar 2016

Unlocking the potential for the World Trade Organisation to deliver modern trade deals (WP1456)

In the aftermath of 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) finds itself at a pivotal moment. It is clear that WTO…

Publication date:29 Feb 2016

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: collaboration, consensus and communication (WP1443)

Talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have been proceeding since 2013, and both sides want to see consensus reached in 2016. This…

Publication date:25 Feb 2016

Caribbean 2030 – new thinking for a new generation II: innovation and entrepreneurship (WP1462)

The first Wilton Park Caribbean 2030 meeting of almost 40 younger leaders from across the Caribbean took place in the UK in June 2015. The…

Publication date:28 Oct 2015

Promoting women’s political and economic engagement: ambition for the future (WP1439)

Female participation in political and economic spheres is a critical yet largely undervalued resource. Encouraging the next generation of women to engage with traditionally male-dominated…

Publication date:26 Oct 2015

Wildlife crime and international security: strengthening law enforcement (WP1423)

Worth around £6 billion per year, wildlife crime is no longer limited to conservation within source countries, but has become an acute threat to national…

Publication date:13 Jul 2015

British German Forum 2015
Strengthening our resilience in a world of shocks and crises (WP1413)

Wilton Park’s British German Forum celebrated its 30th anniversary this July and this year’s discussions focused on preparing for an uncertain global future. We brought together…

Publication date:23 Jun 2015

Niger Delta Development Forum: delivering sustainable and equitable socioeconomic improvement through industrial diversification (WP1402)

This roundtable built upon the work of the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative and its public, private and civil society partners as they collaborate to promote…

Publication date:1 Jun 2015

Caribbean 2030 – new thinking for a new generation (WP1404)

How do the new and next generation of leaders in the Caribbean see the future? What is their vision for 2030 and beyond? How can…

Publication date:23 Mar 2015

African infrastructure projects: driving momentum, delivering jobs and improving livelihoods (WP1329)

This conference brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders in order to share perspectives and experiences of how best to support infrastructure projects, as well…